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Many devotees would love to go on a Pilgrimage to the holy city of Hajj, but they have no idea as to how to make the best of their trip.  In coordination with Panama Travel, HAJJ AND Umrah PACKAGES from the United Kingdom are here to offer you the best Tours, which will be etched in your memory of Travels.

Umrah Packages and Hajj Packages have been offered by Panama Travel ever since we have opened since 1984. Panama Travel has established itself & become a well-known reputable company by becoming the market leaders of charter flights & Package holidays across the world. Panama Travel is also known for offering tours for Umrah and Hajj Packages from the United Kingdom. We are specialist wholesalers when coming to operate flights across the world, on all major airlines. Our prices are extremely low when compared to competitors within the market as we are un-beatable.

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Hajj & Umrah Trip currently under the domain name is a trading name for Panama Travel. Hajj & Umrah Trip has an exceptional reputation within the market for customer service and is dedicated to present all our customers a free no obligation quote for Umrah & Hajj Packages. Our exceedingly high motivated & expert workforce is entirely dedicated to provide a consistent and efficient service. We have a sound reputation in our Customer Services, along with a Free no obligation quote for Umrah and Hajj packages.  Our dedicated experts will conscientiously take care to provide guidance and efficient service, right from the moment you book your Tour UMRAH packages with our Hajj Umrah Trip Managers.  The majority of our Passengers are always been the ones recommended through other families or relatives who have enjoyed their dream venture with our Omra Packages.  We are aware of other hassles and formalities that need to be taken into consideration. You can always rely on us for our advice and assistance.  We also cater to smaller budgets, taking into account your very personal preferences regarding flights to the highest standard accommodations.  Our tailored services will suit you best, especially with our Omra Packages.  Hotel accommodation will be provided by Panama Travel, only for UMRAH and HAJJ Pilgrims that varies from standard three stars to the Luxury five star Hotels, according to each pilgrims budget.

Hajj & Umrah Trip are committed to provide the finest Umrah packages and Hajj packages for 2014 and beyond. Here at Hajj & Umrah Trip we seek to satisfy all your desires and requirements to create your Umrah Package or Hajj Package the most unforgettable experience of a life time, by doing all your Hajj or Umrah preparation work.

The most important anxiety Hajj & Umrah Trip follow is to always remain fair and sincere to all our customers. Hajj & Umrah Trip’s main objective is to always stick to our promise to produce the best Umrah Package or Hajj Package an experience of a life time. According to marketing research we have conducted that the majority of our Umrah & Hajj passengers who travel with Hajj & Umrah Trip are frequently based on recommendations from proceeding customers.

Hajj is one of the five pillars within Islam, as it is distinctive occasion to seek for Allah’s forgiveness and start a bright, fresh & clean start towards life provided by Allah.

Hajj Packages and Umrah Packages provided by us differ from competitors. As our Hajj & Umrah Packages include seminars, lectures, international and domestic return flights & Meals during the days of Hajj & Umrah. Lectures and tour operators provided by Panama Travel are conducted by people who are highly qualified and have over twenty five years’ experience within the particular field.

We understand that your trip needs to be hassle free and exceedingly memorable, therefore here at Hajj & Umrah trip we try to offer the best possible advice and assistance available to our customer, which makes us unique from other tour operators. Umrah packages & Hajj packages can be tailor made to meet all your needs and budgets therefore our travel consulters will always take into account your personal needs from flight preferences to the very highest standard accommodation. Our tailored services mean that you can get the best out of your Hajj & Umrah tours and we can provide the best sort of package for you. Here tour leaders will always try to build close relationships with our customers during the time of Umrah or Hajj.  Accommodation provided by Panama travel for Umrah and Hajj varies from standard three stars to Luxury five stars hotels. Groups and Tailor made packages are obtainable which are made according towards your budget to meet all your needs and requirements.

Your Hajj or Umrah trip is probably one of your most expensive annual purchases, and it may help to know that your money is safe. When coming to book a trip with us you may be assured that your money will always remain safe, even in the event of our insolvency. Designed for this we are registered or affiliated with security organisations such as ATOL and IATA., being one of the largest British Hajj and Umrah 2014 Tour service providers in UK.  Our enterprising and selective Omra PACKAGES are the talk of the town, when at a particular time of the year, Pilgrims flock to their holy site; and the best place to approach is our tour operators at Hajj Umrah Trip.  All you need to do is help us plan your whole Umrah Trip.  Contact us at our nearest Offices and our friendly and experienced staff will enlighten you with all the details. Or you can search the web and fill in your particulars; we will definitely get back to you and give you the entire travel Brochure, so you could book your Pilgrimage, fully relying on our consistent services.  Be the first to be there and fulfill your desires.

For Hajj packages & Umrah packages for 2014, please to not hesitate to Call Us to receive a free no obligation quotes.


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