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Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
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Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
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Hajj Packages - FAQs

Will anybody be escorting the Hajj group departing from the United Kingdom?

Yes, about Seven to eight organisers will accompany the group when departing from the United Kingdom and will return with the group. All our hajj escorts have many years of Hajj experience and are all fluent in English and some in Arabic. A team will also join us when we arrive in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who have countless years of experience when approaching to arrange Hajj.
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Do you provide religious guides?

Yes we will try to arrange regular lectures whilst in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, covering the rites of Hajj.
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How much money do I need to take with myself when travelling for Hajj?

We recommend that you take a few hundred pounds with you, just in case of emergencies.
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How much does it cost to purchase a meal in Makkah & Madinah?

An average meal costs roughly 20 Riyal which is roughly £3.
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What is the exchange rate?

One British Pound (GBP) is roughly Six Riyals (SAR).
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Is the foundation of money which I use for Hajj important?

We recommend that your money which will be used to pay for Hajj comes from a Halal source. As it is stated by the prophetic tradition, “Indeed Allah is pure and accepts only, that which is pure”.
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Is it possible for a non-British citizen to get a visa for Hajj?

Non British passport holders will only be given a Visa for Hajj who are on a work permit, Student Visa, Passports which with an indefinite stay who are reliant upon a Spouse when living within the United Kingdom. Non-British passports that have a visit visa will not be guaranteed a Hajj visa.
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What is the last date for booking?

We do not publish a deadline to receive bookings as our capacity is limited therefore we sell upon a first come first served basis. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to receive extra bookings therefore we recommend you book as early as possible, as our packages are very popular in demand.
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Is it possible for myself to book a Haram view room in Makkah or Madinah?

All our bookings are usually standard hotel rooms for all our hotels. We can try to book you a Haram view but we cannot guarantee you.
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Is it possible to change the flight dates?

The flight dates are not changeable
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How can I get my clothes washed when staying in the hotels?

Near the hotels in Makkah & Madinah there are a lot of laundries located near the Harams. These laundries can usually wash and press your clothes in less than 24 hours, as you may contact any of our hajj organisers or the hotel reception about further information. Most of our 5 star hotels offer this service but it comes at an additional cost and significantly more costly.
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How will the men and woman be accommodated in Mina?

Men and woman stay in separate tents when coming to stay in Mina. The tents for men and woman are usually very close together.
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Is it possible for myself to contact my spouse?

Yes, this is achievable but under no condition may a pilgrim enter an opposite genders tent.
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What interpretation of Islam will be adopted?

All our planning for Hajj & Umrah is always according to the Quran and Sunnah. We do not follow any particular sector or school of thought.
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How will my sacrifice be arranged?

Cost of sacrifice is included in all our Hajj packages, but if an individual wishes to perform a Qurbani by themselves than this is possible as we will roughly subtract £75 from the price. However if an individual desires to do extra sacrifices then additional charges of £75 per sacrifice will apply. You will be given more information regarding this when entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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Is it possible for myself to depart to another destination rather than coming back to the United Kingdom?

This is not possible as all pilgrims must travel back to the United Kingdom.
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Will I need to contact your office to book?

You will not need to visit our office as we can post you a full itinerary plan, however most our information is available on the website. All important documentation should be sent to our office using special delivery as we will also return the same documents using this principle.
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