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Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
Umrah Packages Special Offers
Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
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Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
Hajj and Umrah Packages
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Umrah Packages - Procedure

The Umrah booking procedure is very easy as here
  • Fill out the “Online Quote” and submit it to our Hajj Umrah Trip administrators or contact us by telephone.  All services are provided to you by Panama Travel.
  • Hajj Umrah Trip will send each individual a detailed quote based upon the “Online Quote” which is sent to the site administrator. As the quote will include accommodation, transport and flight information to any additional extra information.
  • Hajj Umrah Trip will get back to you regarding any adjustments which need to be made according towards your budget.
  • If you are happy with our Umrah package deal we require your passport, photographs, Meningitis certificate and a completion of the visa application form.
  • We will arrange your Umrah visa by entering all your information into our electronic visa system which will be sent to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as reserve your accommodation flights and any extra facilities required.
  • Once your Visa has been approved we will return your Passports along with your ticket and full travel itinerary.
  • After you depart from the United Kingdom and arrive at Jeddah airport our agents will pick you up from the airport and depart you towards your requested hotel in Makkah or Madinah
  • Once you reach your destination which will be your hotel you will need to hand over your vouchers and travel itinerary and you will be shown your pre-booked accommodation.

Umrah Packages – New Rules & regulations set by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj issued in 2003:
  • Umrah package duration must be a minimum of five days
  • Full payment must be made by the individual prior to visa authorization application.
  • When the visa application has been sent for authorization then a refund cannot be given for the visa.
  • Umrah visas will be issued accordingly to the number of days with accommodation booked within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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