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Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
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Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
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Umrah Packages & Hajj Packages - Terms And Conditions

It is highly advised that you read through our terms and conditions before using which is brought you by Panama Travel. If you purchase a holiday package or flight through our website, you accept to these terms and conditions.

All correspondence regarding customer service or your booking should be sent to Customer Services, Panama Travel, 495 Coventry Road, Birmingham, United Kingdom or emailed to

When you purchase an ATOL & IATA protected flight and holiday package departing from the United Kingdom you will receive a confirmation invoice from us by our authorized agent who you may have booked through or by email or post, which will ensure and confirm your arrangements and your protection under our corporation Panama Travel ATOL number 3781. In the unlikely event of our insolvency, the CAA will ensure that you are not stranded abroad and will arrange to refund any money you have paid to us for an advance booking. For further information visit the ATOL website at


Hajj & Umrah can sometimes be physically very challenging. Panama Travel cannot take responsibility for any pilgrims who have special requirements, unless advised by our travel consultants at the time of the booking. As Hajj can be very demanding we advice to all our customers who are traveling to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are fit and able enough to walk for a minimum distance of one mile and more if possible. If a pilgrim does not meet this requirement we highly advice he/she should take a wheelchair with them and a person who will be fully responsible for you. However we also highly recommend that you seek medical advice from your GP before booking with us to re-check your medical record, especially for the elderly.

Please take into consideration that the trip to perform Hajj or Umrah cannot be compared to holiday travel. During this wonderful journey the unpredicted is frequently the norm. In spite of our careful preparation and organization the Hajj and Umrah travel can never be settled like a standard holiday or vacation. Hotels, transport, flights and public services are usually pushed to their limits especially during the Hajj season. Therefore please do not look forward to the same level of facility that is seen within the United Kingdom. This is because of the large amount of pilgrims within a small congested area as the crowds can be astonishing. Due to a lot of major traffic congestion expect long delays when traveling from one location to another.  However we try our absolute best to make sure that no disruption is caused as these journeys can be very provoking and irregular.
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You’re Contract

A 'booking' means any order for commodities or services you make on our Site which is accepted by us. Approval will be made by Panama Travel (and a contract concluded) when we have received full payment from you and sent a confirmation email (from either Panama Travel or the relevant Travel Supplier). All travel products and services featured on the Site are subject to availability.

Panama Travel acts as a disclosed Agent for the Airline and your holiday package or flight will be subject to the Airline’s own terms and conditions which could limit or eliminate liability to you often in accordance with international conventions. Airline’s terms and conditions including fare policy will apply in addition to those set out here. The Airline’s terms and conditions may take in requirements relating to payment procedures, default, liability, cancellations, changes of bookings and refunds (if available) and any other restrictions. You are responsible for complying with any airline conditions in relation to check-in times, re-confirmation of flights or other matters.
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Payment of deposit

If an individual wishes to proceed and go-ahead with our package we will need to receive your booking form and passport accompanied by a deposit of £250 per person for Umrah and £1000 for Hajj.
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Payment of the balance

The balance outstanding will need to be paid 2-4 weeks before departure. If you do not, you will be accountable for termination charges because we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled by you at the time to the date of departure. Therefore, it is very vital for you to pay the balance within the correct time frame or else we have the authority to terminate your departure. However in case of an emergency please get in touch with us so special arrangements can be prepared.
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Compensation arrangements do not concern to changes caused by reason of War, threat of War, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural disasters, fire, technical problems to transport, airport closures, adverse weather condition and similar event beyond our control.
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Change of booking by Panama Travel

In an unlikely event if some modifications need to be made to your package or flight.  As you will understand your pilgrimage schedule are planned and designed several months in advance and on uncommon occasions it may be essential to make modifications to them and we reserve the right to make changes at any time to make it more suitable for our customer. In the majority of cases such changes will be minor but if they are more substantial we will do our best to inform you or your travel agent earlier to your departure.
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We do not accept any responsibility for any delay in your flight to or from the United Kingdom either the cancellation is caused by adverse weather conditions, rearrangement of times by the airline, the airport authorities and or the action or the air traffic controllers, mechanical breakdown, strike or action industrial action or otherwise. However in certain situations you may be able to make a claim under your Travel insurance plan. Throughout your pilgrimage there will be times when there will be lengthy delays mainly at airports, passport offices and during coach transfers due to the enormous amount of pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Authorities do attempt their greatest to process pilgrims as quickly as possible and we do not accept any accountability for any such interruption. We suggest that you should consider taking Travel insurance.
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You should not act in a way which causes agony or injury to others or produce the risks of threat or damage to property and belongings. If you perform so, you may be expelled from your hotel or apartment and consequently we may denial accountability to you. Panama Travel will not refund any segment of the price of your pilgrimage.
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Important information

When you obtain your tickets, you ought to verify them cautiously and inform Panama Travel instantly; as if you think any information is incorrect we shall solve your matter. We are not accountable to you for any inconvenience which may take place if you do not inform us. Even though we offer religious guides, we pressure your fully conscientious for the performance of your Hajj. You must guarantee that you are completely aware of all the rituals of Hajj and how to act upon them. Finally you must make sure that you have fully completed your vaccination courses before departing from the United Kingdom.
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Brochure information.

We have compiled the information in our leaflet or brochure as accurate as possible. However, since we take in so much information and since the brochure is organized and prepared up to 4-6 months in advance there possibly will be occasions when a certain facility may be changed or terminated for your benefit during your own particular pilgrimage e.g. planned ziyarate may be transformed or cancelled.
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Cancellations can be made but travel consultants will need to look further into hotel accommodation, flight and transport terms and conditions. A cancellation charge may apply depending on your package or flight. Therefore please call us for further amendments.
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