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Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
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Panama Travel - Hajj And Umrah
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Umrah Packages - FAQs

Is it possible for an individual to travel to the King of Saudi Arabia by themselves or must they travel within a tailor created package or group?

An individual may travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by themselves or within a group which is any size as long as they don’t require a mahram. The only requirement is that all your accommodation needs to be pre-booked with a approved agent before departing from the United Kingdom.
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What if I wish to cancel my booking after a full payment or deposit is transacted?

A deposit is always required prior to the visa authorisation application as this is a requirement by the Ministry of Hajj. Refunds can be given but this depends upon the conditions with the air ticket, transport and accommodation as in certain cases refunds cannot be given. As this all depends on the type of air ticket as we may be able to refund the ticket amount less a cancellation charge if authorized by the airline. If the ticket has not been issued by Panama Travel then there will be no cancellation charge.
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Why should I travel with a group?

Here at Panama Travel we have groups going to perform Umrah every month with a group leader service.  It is a lot cheaper to travel in a group because here at Panama Travel we have very good relationships with hotels worldwide therefore we try to reduce prices through our bulk buying purchasing power. Accommodation, flights and transport is usually booked and reserved by Panama Travel 6-12 Months before departing.
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Is it possible for myself to combine a stopover in another country when going to perform Umrah?

This is possible as Saudi Arabian airlines, Emirates and many other airlines offer many onward destinations at a small extra charge. Panama Travel can also book your accommodation worldwide. However you must enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia one month before the visa has been issued. For further information for onward destinations please call us.
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What are the charges for children and infants?

If a child requires a bed within the hotel accommodation or a seat within the transportation then a full adult charge will be necessary. But if two young children share a bed then the cost will be divided and a 50% adult rate will be charged. If no accommodation or transportation facility is required then only the visa charge will be required. Airlines usually charge 60-70% of an adult fare for children plus taxes and 10-12% for infants.
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Once I have booked my programme can I make additional changes?

This is not possible as you cannot make changes as the payment and itinerary is sent to the Ministry of Hajj authorisation and the visa is issued according to an individual’s programme.
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If a customer wishes to make a booking how much time will be needed between booking and departing from the United Kingdom?

A minimum of fourteen days will be needed for visa authorisation, proceedings and obtaining the booking for accommodation, reserving flights and receiving confirmations.
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What happens if a problem occurs when I am in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

In an unlikely event of you have a problem with transportation, accommodation or flights we will resolve the issue immediately. When a booking is made we will issue you with some emergency contact numbers with your itinerary of our agents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Otherwise you may contact us within the United Kingdom by telephone, email or fax and we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.
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Will I get to choose the hotel of my preference?

This is not a problem as here at Panama Travel we deal with hotels worldwide therefore from the wide choice available worldwide ranging from luxury five stars to economy two star hotels depending on availability.
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What if I am disappointed with the package or service provided by Panama Travel?

If you are unhappy about anything you must get in touch with us within the United Kingdom so we can contact our agents and resolve the problem immediately or you may get in touch with our team within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ultimately if all else fails then you may contact the Ministry of Hajj who will look into your objection.
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Is it possible to obtain a visa without booking accommodation?

This is not possible due to the changes made in the rules and regulations by the Ministry of Hajj. As it is against the law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as you may be terminated and sent back to the United Kingdom if this rule is broken. Therefore accommodation needs to be booked and paid through an approved Ministry of Hajj agent such as Panama Travel.
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How will I be transported within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

Transport can be pre-booked before departing from the United Kingdom therefore no problems should occur once you have arrived within Saudi Arabia. Transport routes will be explained within detail once an individual makes a booking.
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Can I have a guide when performing Umrah?

With tailor made packages there are usually no guides but this can be organised at a small additional charge. With our Umrah groups who travel monthly a guide can be provided if a customer demands this service.
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Are Ziyarah trips included in our packages?

Yes, Zirarayh trips are included within our packages.
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How many times can an individual travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through an Umrah Visa?

With the new Umrah system there are no restrictions on the number of Umrah trips a person wishes to make as long as the terms and conditions are met which are regulated by the Ministry of Hajj.
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What happens if you do not have a British Passport? – Is it possible to obtain a Visa?

An Umrah Visa can only be issued on Non-British passports if the following terms and conditions are met: (if you have any concerns please feel free to contact us).-    You must have an “Indefinite stay” on the passport which is issued by the Home Office.-    You have a work permit-    You have a student Visa-    You are reliant on your spouse who is entitled to British Citizenship
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Can a female or an individual under the age of 18 travels to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

According to the Shariah and law according to the Saudi government a female must always travel with a legitimate mahram, who is a close male relative i.e.:  father, grandson, brother, son, paternal uncle, grandfather, nephew, father in law and son-in-law
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What are the hotel check in and checkout times?

The earliest check in time for hotels in Saudi Arabia is 5Pm and the latest Check-out time is 2Pm. We are not held responsible for accommodation not being available at this times as if a flight is arriving early then the Check in time then we will highly advice our customers that accommodation is also booked for the night preceding.
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